Our Recipe for Common Success


Swiss Quality

Our services are fully performed in Switzerland. Only then can we live up to our high quality standards in terms of availability and security.

We run our data center in Winterthur. We store your data exclusively in Switzerland. Still not convinced?! Please don't hesitate, and contact us. We are happy to guide you through our Data Center and show you, where your data is stored!

Fair Prices

Swiss Quality costs. The price level in Switzerland is higher than in neighboring countries as well as intercontinentally. In particular, the staff- and infrastructure costs (e.g. electricity) are significantly higher in Switzerland. Furthermore, sustainability is important to us. That's why we only purchase electricity produced ecologically and sustainably and pay our employees fair wages.

Our efficient and professional approach allows us, to offer our services at a great value-for-money ratio.




As a young and innovative company with highly qualified employees, we are much more agile than our larger competitors. The internal service- and decision-making processes are rendered as lean as possible, which allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

In addition, we offer not only standardized products, but full-fledged solutions tailored to the customer . This enables us, to fully satisfy the needs of our customers!


GRAPIN acts in an innovative and competitive market. Therefore, we continuously develop our products and thereby enhance our customers' experience! Your value-for-money ratio is thus continuously increasing!

We not only advertise "Unlocking the Future", but live this principle of wholeheartedly!




Our goal is to, offer our services as convenient as possible. Because of our various business units, we are able to cover, a broad range of services in computing, data storage and IT infrastructure. Our motto: "No is not an option"!

Moreover,, we are happy to source supplementary services, in order to offer you a seamless, one-stop shopping experience! 

We are GRAPIN. We live "Unlocking the Future"